About Us

VoiceOfHazara.com is Leading News Portal of Hazara Division KP, Which was established in March 2012. Basic need for this Web was realized when common man was flashed in local news but no news was published about Powerful Mafia. Lot of News about reality are killed in local media. Then Team of Journalists decided to Launch Online News Portal for Hazara.

By the grace of Allah, VoiceOfHazara.com have more then 30,000 readers. We publish only material related to Hazara. Now days after Social Media is really fast, & we taking advantage of Social Media. Channels have Big stories to brake, they don’t focus on Problem & Issues of Hazara. Most of News are Urgent to deliver, local papers are Published mostly after 12 to 24 hours of incidents, & people can’t wait for papers, so they need urgent source of comprehensive news delivery.

Al-Hamdo Lillah, we are doing our best to deliver fastest news to People of Hazara.


Team of VoiceOfHazara.com