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Memoona Bashir Thesis about Corona Virus COVID-19


Memoona Bashir is the student of Doctor of Physiotherapy, and also the student of health diploma from women medical college, Abbottabad. I write this book in the age of 18 year. I am very
interested in book writing. The data include in my book is from news and circumstances that I see in these two months.
I also write more books in future. I don’t publish this book because all book publishers were close due to covid-19 and I don’t want to wait for opening because my nation needs this information in this tough time. My vision is that you all will read this book and change your concepts about our government. You may read this book and know what is corona virus?

What is Coronavirus

Corona virus is belong to the family known as [corona viridian] and under an electron microscope they look like spiked ring. they’re named for those spikes. Which form a [hole or crown] corona is latine for crown; around their viral envelop.

Anatomically Corona virus contain single stand of RNA[ribonucleic acid] which is opposed to DNA[deoxyribo nucleic acid] that is double stand. Within the envelop. That is the virus that connect to reproduce without getting inside living cells and in jacking their machinery. The spikes on the viral envelop help corona virus bind to cell. Once inside they turn the cell into a virus factory. The RNA and some enzyme use the cells molecular machinery to he produce more viruses, which are then shipped out of the cell to infect other cell. Thus, the cycle starts anew. What is covid-19 In the early days of the outbreak, the media, and health prof were referring to the “corona virus ”as a catch- all term to discuss the outbreak of illness. But in corona virus is a type of virus as we explain in the section above rather then a disease it self. To alleviate the confusion and streamline reporting. WHO[ world health organization] has named the new disease COVID 19 “CORONA VIRUS 2019”


According to the report patient present with:.
⦁ Fever [elevate body temperature]
⦁ Dry cough
⦁ Fatigue and muscle pain
⦁ Breathing difficulties.

Less common Symptoms

⦁ Coughing up mucus and blood
⦁ Headaches
⦁ Diarrhea
⦁ Kidney failed
As the disease progress patient also come down with pneumonia.


You can protect your self and help prevent spreading the virus to other if you.

⦁ Wash your hand regularly 20s with soup , water, and alcohol-based hand rub.

⦁ Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or fixed elbow when you cough or sneeze.

⦁ Avoid close contact[1 meter or 3 feet] with people who are unwell.

⦁ Stay home and self-isolated from other in the household if you feel unwell.

⦁ Don’t touch your eyes , nose , and mouth if your hand are not clean.


There’s are no vaccine to prevent corona virus disease [covid-19] Most people about 80% recover from the disease without needing special treatment. Most rarely, the disease can be serious and even fatal , older people or people with other medical conditions such as asthma , diabetes, or heart disease may be more vulner to becoming severely ill.


The disease caused by a kind of corona virus which first originated in WUHAN china in late 2019.  Case of corona virus is first emerged in late 2019. When a mysterious illness, was reported in WUHAN CHINA. The caused of the disease was soon confirmed as a new kind of corona virus. countries around the world and become a penadamic.

What is penademic?

On march 11,2020 the WHO officially classified the covid-19 outbreak a pandemic. “pandemic is not a word to use lightly or carelessly. It is a word that if misused, can cause unreasonable fear, or unjustified acceptance that that is the fight is over and leading to unnecessary suffering and death Where did virus comes from? The virus appears to have originated in WUHAN CHINA this city is about 650 miles from Beijing. That have a population of more then 11 millions people. The Hunan seafood market , which sells fish as well as a panoply, of meat from other animals including snakes, and pangolins was implicated in the spread of early January.

Prestigious medical journal the[lancet] published an extensive summery of the clinical features of patient infected with the disease stretching back to December 1 2019 . the very 1st patient identified had not been exposed to the market suggestion the virus may have been originated elsewhere & been transported to the market. Where it was able to thrive |jumped from humans to animals and back again. Chines authorities shut the market on Jan 1st but in this duration of one month it is spread mostly areas…..

How long the corona virus survive on surface?

There’s still a lot to learn about the hardness of this particular virus, but similar member of the corona virus have been explode in detail Including the corona virus responsible for the SARS AND MERS out break.  Particularly notable is an article published on FEB 6 2020 in the journal of the hospital infection . which looked at a host of previous studied [22 in total] 4 found on the surface for up to 9 days. A study in the ENGLAND journal of the medicine on march 17 2020 took a deeper look at how stable the SARS covid-2 virus is the air and on surface. There is all about chance.

cardbord 24 hours
palstic 3 days
copper 4 days
steel 2-3 days


For health workers is the virus may stay suspended in the air for a period of about 30 minute.
IS there a treatment for the corona virus?
Corona virus is hardly organism. They’ re effective at hiding from the immune system. And we have not any reliable treatment or vaccine to eradicated them. In most cases health official attempt to deal with the system. “there is no therapeutic against corona virus. [Said by Mike Ryan executive director of WHO] said in health emergencies program during a press conference on JAN 29 2020”.

How it spread person to person?

Covid-19 is a respiratory illness & is largely spread through droplet present in the air. These are typically expelled when an infected person cough or sneeze. Once symptom develop, a person viral load deadline steadly,&they become increasingly less infection. However, people appear to keep sheading the virus for around two weeks in their saliva and stool.  This mean that even person symptoms have cleared it may be possible to infect other people.

Conforming cases.

The WHO definition of a conformed case of covid-19 is a person shown by laboratory testing to be infected with the virus irrespective of clinical sign and symptom. However, some reported case number from china have include people with symptoms of covid-19 but without laboratory conforming.

How you can difference between your flu and corona virus?

Both can spread people through droplets in the air from coughing, sneezing, or talking. Once possible different covid-19 might be spread through the air borne route. Tiny droplet remaining in the air can spread the disease even after the ill person is no longer near.

Should you make your own sanitizer at home??

As unnecessary panic sarunding the spread of the corona virus has gripped consumer the shelves has emptied. In Australia, shopper have raced out to buy up. Whatever, they can toilet paper, actemimphon[ in Pakistan known as paractamole] and of course hand sanitizer.

That’s led to widespread reports that it’s a good idea to make your own hand sanitizer , but expert that you risk making a sanitizer that either is not effective or is way to hers.

Covid -19 in Pakistan.

In Pakistan the first case of covid-19 on 26 feb 2020. And 27 march Pakistan cases count 1398. These are the cases of one month . in this period deaths in Pakistan 11.
And total suspected case in date 27 march is 10,000 says by Dr zafar mirza[ADVISOR OF HEALTH].

Where will be Pakistan in 2 months?

Role of our government in covid-19.

Our govt is the best govt for us in this time of battle. The Imran Khan govt is still refusing to seek cooperation from the opposition, even amid a health emergency. Prime minister Imran khan recently addressed a huddle of the county’s parliamentary leader, which was aimed at formulating a joint strategy to combat the deadly virus. Among the participant were shehbaz shrif the opposition leader in the national legislature and bilawal zardari bhutto chief of PPP. Which governs pak south eastern province of SINDH. Which has been hit the hardest by the pandemic spread in the country.


PM hit faced by opposition for his request to IMF for waive off. The opposition called Imran khan “needy”. Imran khan is a good leader for Pakistan because he is the star of cricket “he talk about cricket and earn million of rupees per year….He don’t want to listen bad names from corrupt people .He just want to protect our country from corrupt people and also from money laundering.
I don’t want to discus the politics on my book . if I am saying about Imran khan then 100 of books are not to be enough. Imran khan is the angle of kindness on our bad time. He appear on that time when our country have been lees out. Pleas sir[ Imran khan] take your time to protect our country .

On 30 March 2020 Imran khan talk to any other Imran khan says to people that we are not to strong like china and America . Every country are fight with corona about his capacity. If our country is stable like china we close are thing [curfew] but we are not like china. Our 25% of population is much poor. I am talk about 9.8 million people that include rich, poor and semi poor people. Poor people cant afford to stay at home and when all population can not stay at home then lockdown is not successful. The disease cant see rich and poor difference that is not possible that educated people stay at home and uneducated people not stay. India apply curfew in the country then people are die with the hunger. We apply curfew if we provide meal to peoples home. For this decide that we launch tiger force in whole country they provide grocery to peoples home.. The tiger force are working with army and administration and they tells us about self quarantine .

Tiger force include every type of people that include teacher , bankers, or any type of free person. Prime minister Imran Khan announced the establishment of corona relief fund. In his address to the nation, he said that an account will be opened in the national bank of Pakistan[NBP] for the corona relief fund . the person depositing any amount in the account will not be questioned from Wednesday. The depositors will be given Tax, waiver, if they show the amount in their Tax returns. We will establish a monthly fund for the unemployed for this money he said”ies Our opposition role in covid-19. There is an evident discount between the govt and opposition parties on formulating a collective strategy to deal with covid-19 that is alarming rise cases in Pakistan over last few days. The top leader of political parties including [PMLN] &[PPP] have strongly criticized the govt for being political unity to fight off corona virus.

On wed 25 march president PMLN and PPP walked out of parliamentary parties , meeting for not being heard by Prime Minister. On Thursday Shehbaz Shrif presented what he claimed is a “compressive” mechanism for the provision of food and medicine in case of a complete lockdown in the country to contain the virus. Speaking to business recorder former chairman senate senior PPP leader Mian Raza Rabani said that the opposition was ready to cooperate with PM to deal with situation but he was not serious about it. He said it was the PM responsibility to deal with challenging the situation in the country . I have no right to question you but I just want to say sir[ mian raza rabani] . I just want to say Pakistan is just responsiblty of Imran Khan? you are not the part of Pakistan? The time not give us permission to gossip On politics. I just want to say you are the citizen of Pakistan you ll show your character . you are human you just focus on humanity.

Sorry if my wording is harshen..



Guide line highlight current and emerging crime treat as well as practical advice for protection measures. International guide line is order to enhance the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement and first responder support in the context of covid-19. Various rules is carried out by law enforcement during a pandemic

These include:.
⦁ Mentioning public order
⦁ Assisting national health authorities in identifying cases and their origin
⦁ Relaying public health measure the population
⦁ Securing deliveries of medical equipment or transfers of patient.

Pak Army:

According to the inter service public relation[ISPR] all point of entries [POF] being manned and monitor, establishment of joint check post and joint patrolling with other law enforcement. Agencies [LEAS] being carried out effectively. The press release further stated that pak army is doing contact tracking, tracing, to identify and isolate, suspected individuals being done to ensure containment of covid-19 spread.

Role of doctor in covid-19

The national lauds the effect being made by the dr and paramedical staff have proved themselves as the benefactors of the nation by serving. The day and night risk . and their value able role will be written in golden words in the annual of history. The service of doctors and paramedical staff who are working in the front line will always be remember.
The govt of Punjab Usman Buzdar announced that the Punjab govt will pay an additional salary to dr and paramedical staff. And I hope Imran khan announced the whole countries dr and paramedical provide an additional salary. Many of the dr and staff are suffering from this virus and I ll pray may allah safe him..

Our hero Dr Usama Riaz:

Dr usama was a young dr of gilgit baldistan[GB] died from coronavirus on Sunday. Taking the toll to four nationwide. Confirming the news GB spoken person faizullah firaq said that dr usama would be given national hero award. Dr usama led from the front against coronavirus. According to detail dr usama hails from chilas of diamer district GB was admitted to gilgit DHQ on Friday night after falling unconscious. Addressing to press conference in Gilgit on Saturday the office bearers of Pakistan medical. Association PMA said dr usama is the first Pakistani dr who got effected with corona virus after dealing with suspected patient. “they also said” they blamed the lack of facilities and the govt negligence for dr usama condition , emphasizing that he could have saved himself had been provided with the require medical equipment like polymerase chain reaction[PCR] kits specific to coronavirus.

Our Role in covid-19

Govt take the action about covid-19 then he was enforced lockdown the markets . and ask to people to stay at home. But our society cant accept these rules. We shows very non serious behavior about corona. Specially the people of Sindh. Today I see the people of Abbottabad I am feeling proud. These people are still stand with govt and prof this they are educated. I requsted to you pleas stay at home and stay safe not for the govt not for me . just for yourself and your children and parents. People of Sindh are decide to provide grocery to poor people and pic i given below this pic is captured in front of office of Deputy commicner where the grocery is provided.

Our poor society;

The more followed a country wide lockdown that has forced million to stay indoors and left hundred of thousand of labor and daily wages worker bereft of income Our 25% of population is poor he said that how he live indoor how they will provide meal to their families?? But our best govt take steps for these type of people and PM IMRAN KHAN make a force “corona tiger force” for provide grocery in their homes.

Our govt take step for poor people:

On Tuesday unveiled multi billion rupees economic to provide relief to citizen , particularly low income group whose livelihood has been badly effected by corona virus pandemic. The package worth 900 billion rupees [$5.66billion] was approved in a cabinet meeting by Prime Minister Imran khan and also attended by army chief Genral Qamar Javid Bajwa.

It include 200 billions rupees [$1.25 billions] for low income groups, particularly labors, 280 billion rupees [$1.76] for wheat procurement apart from a significant reduction in petroleum price.
Imran khan said over 5million people will be provided a monthly stipend of 3000 rupees [$20] for next month.  He said people will be able to pay electrically and gas below a certain amount in installment. Also loan interest payment for exporters had been deferred temporary . while a package of 100 billions rupees [$63 millions] was provided to support small industries and the agriculture sector he added.

How’s covid-19 effect on sport?

Fear of corona virus diseas spreading alarmed the Sindh provincial govt who announced on 13 march that remaining match of 2020 [PSL] Pakistan super league , scheduled in Karachi , would be played behind close doors, Similarly PCB[ Pakistan cricet board] offered international players participating in PSL they leave for their homes continues ,[if they wish so] while PSL schedule.
10 international players and one international staff were opted to leave the tournament one final match in Lahore was rescheduled to 18 march 2020 instead of 22 march 2020. On 17 march 2020 the knockout fixture [final and semifinal] of PSL were indefinitely postponed due to the sudden spike in corona virus cases in Pakistan.


After six year when Pakistan FFL returned the matches were played before 16 march 2020 , on 16 march 2020 the PFF released a
notification announcing that matches were postponed.


This corona virus spread bad effect on our country our air operation is close till 5 April. But the passengers are present on out of country air ports they are come back from special air lines on the order of govt. But the as usual air operation is close. It is bad for our economic history.

Railway stations

On addressing to the press conference the Shaikh Rasheed announced that all railways were closed . when govt not allows to open. The railways were close due to the social distancing. In earlier days process of screening are followed in railway station but due to the lackege of instrument it were close because we are not able to test 9000 people in one time.

This decion is too good for us. How is spread bad effect on our education system? The covid-19 is spread very bad effect on our education system. Due to the fear of spreading of corona virus in all Pakistan education institute were close on 18march 2020 to the 5 april 2020 But the situation were more bad due to the passage of time. The papers of matric were close and fsc were postponed.
Due to the situation HSC announced all the classes were online. All lecture delivered online to the student. But all student are not same some are live in villages where internet serves not available and some are poor that cant afford the packjs.

Our stock exchang:

It spread to much bad effect on our stock exchange. Our stock exchange were down 2000 points . I am about that how we recove this?? Share are down people are sad and worried , where is Pakistan in two month? Our neighbor china will stand with pakistan in the battle against covid-19 Our neighbor China were still stand with the Pakistan in this bad time now before some time china has also fight with corona virus and he is successful in this battle. China sent a plane loaded with medical personnel and supplies Saturday to help fight the spead of corona virus .
And china sent the docters and medicl equipment in Pakistan. The plane will come soon in Pakistan.

Death toll rate in Pakistan

The covid-19 patient in Pakistan is reaches about 2,020 with 676 in sindh, cases in punjab 708 , 153 in blochistan, 253 in Khyber pakhtunkhwa, 166 in gilgit baltistan 58 in islambad and 6 cases report in azad jammu Kashmir. The virus is so claimed for 26lives in Pakistan, while over 65 covid-19 patient is fully recover. The report from media on 1 april 2020..

Pakistan zinda Baad…….

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